Municipality of the region of Varena
2014 August 22
Traditional Mushroom Festival will take place in Varena 28 September this year. Celebration, as every year, the expected number of events, entertainment and other attractions. You are welcome to attend.


Welcome to the website of the municipality of the region of Varena!
You will find all the information about the activity of the municipality and the information about the one of the most beautiful sites of Lithuania - Varena. We hope our website will help you to decide to visit our region. We believe that everyone will be charmed by the unique beauty of the landscape and the hospitality of the people, who live in the pine forests surrounded villages or granges.
The old Lithuanian culture is extanted and cherished in the region of Varena. You cannot find it in any other site of our country. The craftsmen of the old traditional trades live and cherish the old customs and traditions of Dzukai.
You will have the possibility to know lots of unusual, impressing amusements and pleasant surprises.
Get visit the region of Varena and persuade yourself!
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