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Varėna – along with nature. Try!

Varėna district interactive map

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Main information

Welcome to the website of Varena district municipality!

In our website, you will find information about Varėna, one of the most beautiful regions of Lithuania, and the activities of the municipality. We believe that everyone will be charmed by the unique beauty of the landscape and the hospitality of our people who live in villages surrounded by pine forests and granges.

The old Lithuanian culture is cherished in the region of Varėna; you cannot find it in any other region of our country. The craftsmen of the old traditional trades live here and protect the old customs and traditions of Dzūkai.

You will discover a lot of unusual and impressive historical places, and beautiful nature. You are very welcome to visit Varėna district at any time of the year, our hospitable region will not disappoint you. More…


Varėna subdistrict

Varėna subdistrict is located in the central-northern part of Varėna district. It borders the Matuizos, Marcinkonys, Merkinė and Jakėnai subdistricts. The district has a population of 15 120, of which 10 800 live in Varėna, 2 937 settlements and 1,383 small villages.

Varenos Herbas

Merkinė subdistrict

It is just necessary to visit Merkinė. The view from the Merkinė mound is  breathtaking. River Nemunas, hills, forest view… Just amazing place to see.

Jakėnai subdistrict

Jakėnai subdistrict is located in the northern part of Varėna district. The district occupies about 15,000 hectares (69% of them are forests), there are 14 lakes.

Kaniava subdistrict

Kaniava subdistrict is mentioned since 1637. In XVIII century it belonged to the county of Lyda.

Matuizos subdistrict

Matuizos subdistrict is located in the north-east of Varėna district.

Marcinkonys subdistrict

Marcinkonys subdistrict is located in the southwest of Varėna district. The center is Marcinkonys, one of the largest Lithuanian villages. The population is low, density is very small.

Valkininkai subdistrict

Valkininkai subdistrict is located in the north-east of Varėna district.

Vydeniai subdistrict

Vydeniai subdistrict is located in the east of Varėna district.

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